Prepared Students. Confident Nurses.

Nursing Central supports students and educators by inspiring self-directed, confident learning with the most up-to-date, point-of-need disease, drug, and test information.

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What is Nursing Central?

Nursing Central is the premier source of disease, drug, and test information for nursing students. Utilizing leading clinical titles and tools for engaging students, Nursing Central is a fully-integrated, regularly updated mobile and web learning platform.


Why Nursing Central?

  • Increase student engagement by meeting your students with current and familiar technology
  • Develop critical thinking by providing access to multiple systems and resources to help make the best clinical decisions
  • Navigate easily between sources to access the best information for clinical support
  • Adapt the learning experience by personalizing valuable tools like tagging, favorites, and notes to suit students learning styles
  • Promote learning continuity with consistent, up to date resources for both educators and students
  • Implement quickly and easily into any curriculum with complimentary training for students and faculty
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Unbound Tools

A suite of clinical tools has been developed to make Nursing Central even more valuable. These tools provide the ability for individualized self-assessment and learning, improvement in point-of-need decision-making, and much more.


Useful integrated clinical calculators


Custom notes and highlights within entries


Citations, abstracts and full-text from medical journals


Personalized study and review system


In-text information lookup tool

Promote Evidence-Based Practice

  • Reduce errors with built-in calculators
  • Reveal relevant literature through unique search optimization tools
  • Enhance learning with integrated study and review tools

Nursing Central is the only solution that combines trusted content with individualized tools and your institutional expertise to improve educational outcomes and patient care while advancing research.

As a nurse educator, I use it to help students develop clinical reasoning skills, judgment skills, and safe decision making.
The crosslinks help students make fast connections between disease, treatment, and nursing care.
Nursing Central goes beyond being a clinical reference by providing multiple tools to help students study, stay organized, research primary evidence, and provide safer patient care.
For more information contact us at:+1 (800) 230-2423Contact Us