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Unbound Medicine Delivers Free COVID-19 Guidance in Relief Central

During the early outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, new information about the novel virus was being rapidly disseminated by both trusted and unvetted sources. Clinicians around the world were forced to sift through multiple outlets to find and compare trusted information. Immediately, Unbound Medicine found themselves in a unique position to help. By leveraging their medical experience, informatics expertise, and rapid response publishing platform, they were able to quickly collect, appraise, and disseminate evidence-based information to the medical community.

Before the first case arrived in the United States, Unbound Medicine produced Coronavirus Guidelines within their free web and mobile application, Relief Central™. Unbound carefully chose the latest guidance on topics addressing symptoms, epidemic curves, vaccination developments, treatment updates, and more from sources including the CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and the primary literature. Information continues to be updated frequently (often daily) and immediately delivered to the web and the Relief Central app. Hundreds of thousands of clinicians turn to Coronavirus Guidelines daily for the latest on prevention, treatment, management, and vaccination.

Visit Relief Central to learn more about Coronavirus Guidelines.

About Relief Central

Unbound Medicine staff and friends developed Relief Central in 2005 in response to the Indian Ocean tsunami. Since that time, Unbound Medicine has supported relief workers, healthcare providers, first responders, and others called to serve in disaster relief situations around the world – with free information resources targeting disease prevention, disaster operations, and first aid.

Unbound Medicine welcomes feedback and participation from organizations that would like to contribute to this effort.


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